Jorge Perez-Gallego is a multifaceted astronomer, designer, artist, educator, chocolate milk drinker, and someone that does not like to refer to himself in the third person.

As an astronomer, I have led and conducted original research about the formation and evolution of galaxies. As a designer and museum professional, I have followed my passion for science outreach, education and entertainment, and focused on finding useful ways to share scientific knowledge with different audiences by means of exhibition and experience design. My work, as an astronomer, a designer, and an educator, has been published in international journals and conferences.


Currently, I work as an curator, astronomer and exhibition developer at the new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in the magic city of Miami, where besides instigating experiences and programs, I responsible for the content and programs at Frost Planetarium and the Feathers to the Stars exhibition.

In the past, I put together a joint international educational program for high school students in Spain and Florida, with funding from the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium and Telefónica Talentum Schools, which involved designing, building, and flying scientific and engineering payloads on a weather balloon. I also cofounded ODDS, with Marisa Falcigno and Shantanu Suman, an award winning Asheville graphic design studio that has only grown since I turned to other ventures.

Some of my free time is devoted to bicycle advocacy and SBRTraining, a revolutionary swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon training software.